Tim Courtney of LittleStar ABA Therapy Nominated for APBA Board of Directors

August 28th, 2017

Tim Courtney, the COO at LittleStar ABA Therapy, has recently been nominated for a seat on the Board of Directors at Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA). As a professional Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Tim has worked in diverse settings, including public schools, residential programs, and group homes. Passionate about the science of human behavior, he holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology and is currently working on his PHD in leadership at Benedictine University.

An active member in the world of ABA, Tim works tirelessly to promote advocacy for individuals with autism, navigating health insurance systems and policies and Tim’s extensive knowledge and practical application of behavior analysis allows him to manage, supervise, and skillfully lead other therapists.

LittleStar ABA Therapy, Indiana’s first ABA therapy center, offers six locations, providing incredible exceptional, professional care for individuals and families affected by autism. At the forefront of autism therapy, LittleStar ABA Therapy continues to advance treatment options for autism, giving real progress that helps children, teenagers, and adults live better lives.

Learner-centric, LittleStar approaches therapy through careful observation and open communication with every family that walks through their doors. As goals are set, the learner’s professional and experienced team explain each step, letting everyone become part of the therapy and learning process.

Tim’s nomination to the APBA’s Board of Directors recognizes his commitment, and LittleStar’s, to advancing autism therapy and intervention, making sure that proper, professional treatments are available to all who need them.

APBA’s mission is to advocate for individuals with autism, ensuring that everyone receives proper treatment and care by working closely with federal, state, and other third parties. Organizing professional behavior analysts, like Tim, from around the country who are committed to advocating for the well-being and equal access to treatment, the APBA has since 1998 helped individuals receive professional care and therapy.

Without people like Tim and the APBA, there would be a greater lack of real advocacy for individuals and families impacted by autism. Giving a voice to the need for professional therapy and treatment ensures that the right policies are passed, funded and followed in order to protect and help people with autism around the country.

Instrumental in developing insurance laws and licensure, the APBA is an outstanding non-profit organization that is year after year developing strategic plans to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

With Tim on the Board of Directors, one can be certain that the fight to protect and help individuals with autism in the United States will only be strengthened.

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